Concierge Care Offers Numerous Senior Care Programs Right In Wildwood, FL

If your family is looking for a top-quality care solution for a loved one in Wildwood, FL, you have come to the right place. At Concierge Care, we specialize in helping seniors remain safely, comfortably, and confidently at home for as long as possible, nurturing their independence and enabling them to lead happy, healthy lives.

In Wildwood, FL, your loved one will get not just a fully personalized and flexible care plan but a caregiver whose personality is compatible with theirs. This eases the transition into senior home care and allows for the formation of a strong bond between them.

Let us now take a closer look at our home care programs in Wildwood, FL:

24-Hour Live-In Home Care – If your loved one needs around the clock care for whatever reason, including medical issues, mobility problems or safety concerns, our team can care for them non-stop.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care – Dementia is a progressive cognitive condition for which there is no cure. However, that does not mean that your loved one cannot enjoy independence at home. We will not just support them as the illness advances but help them strengthen their memory and ensure their home is a safe, hazard-free place.

Companion & Homemaker Care – To enable our clients to make the most out of their senior years at home and boost their independence, we provide assistance with daily tasks such as meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, laundering, running errands, and more. Caregivers provide valuable companionship while performing these activities, reducing loneliness in older adults who live alone or far away from loved ones.

Hospital-To-Home Care/Transitional Care – Continuing recovery at home following a hospital stay can be made easier with Concierge Care. Our team will help your loved one get back on their feet while doing everything possible to minimize the chances of hospital readmission.

Medication Management – Medication management can be a serious problem for seniors who are using 5+ medications per day. We can help your loved one take the right dose of their meds at the right time, preventing any errors regarding their medication schedule or doses.

Personal Care Services – Our home care services include help with personal activities like bathing, dressing, mobility, and exercise, improving overall well-being for our clients.

Senior Living Transitional Assistance – If your loved one is about to move to a senior living community, we can help them adjust to their new living environment.

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