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Post Hospital Care from Concierge Care in The Villages, FL and Ocala, FL

There’s a reason Concierge Care opened for business in The Villages, FL and Ocala, FL – it’s the people. Those quaint, popular areas are filled with caring folks who mean so much to the central and northern Florida area, and we want to be a part of their lives.

When seniors from The Villages and Ocala return home from a hospital visit, they’ll need help. Post hospital care is crucial to a successful recovery, and Concierge Care is here to lend a hand with our skilled, thoughtful and trained staff.

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Good Post Hospital Care in The Villages, FL and Ocala, FL

It’s unfortunate, but many discharged patients return to the hospital shortly thereafter which increases the cost of healthcare for all involved. A private caregiver from Concierge Care can help ensure a successful recovery after surgery or a hospital stay.

We’ll make it a smooth transition from the moment your loved one comes home with services that only Concierge Care can provide.

  • We’ll transport your loved one to follow-up appointments, physical therapy and other doctor visits as needed.
  • We can give medicine and offer medical assistance as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Caregivers can address wounds and make dressing changes.
  • We’ll instruct the patient and other family caregivers about new medical equipment as it enters the home.
  • We will assist with personal hygiene, bathing, grooming, dressing and bathroom use.
  • We’ll offer social interaction and cultivate a positive home environment that promotes healing.
  • We can assist with household chores, cooking and cleaning.
  • We will help with bed transfers and basic movement around the home.

Why Choose Concierge Care in The Villages, FL and Ocala, FL?

It’s hard to find good help who can do it all. Our skilled workers specialize in post hospital care, but also in many other areas. That makes us able to handle a variety of different scenarios for citizens in Sumter and Marion Counties. Not only that, but we do it affordably and efficiently. Let us know how we can help – we’d love to learn more about your individual needs.

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