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Post Hospital Care from Concierge Care in Tampa, FL

Here in the heart of Florida’s Gulf coast, you may think it’s about the spectacular waterfront, Cuban culture, Busch Gardens, Lightning hockey, or the Florida Aquarium. Those of us who call Tampa home know it’s about the people – helpful, diverse, surprising and reliable to the core.

Our staff at Concierge Care in Tampa fits right in. We know your healthcare needs don’t end when you’re discharged from the hospital – they’re just beginning. We’re here to make sure you’re cared for whether in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, or beyond.

Post Hospital Care in Tampa, FL and the Surrounding Area

Post hospital care and recovery begins when a person is released from the medical center. That’s when they’re forced into living, moving and acting on their own. Concierge Care in Tampa plays an important role as an advocate for patients and those who love them.

Our trained experts provide many ways to recover:

Administering Medicine

We’ll make sure your loved one follows the correct medication regiment, providing reminders and about which food should be avoided or eaten with for best results. We can also administer injections.

Basic Healthcare Issues

Concierge Care in Tampa will oversee wound care, dressing changes and help to instruct the patient on proper use of new medical equipment in the home. We’ll also coach other caregivers, like family and friends.

Healthy Living

We can grocery shop, plan meals, prepare food and assist with feeding.

Follow-Up Doctor Visits

It’s hard for family to get loved ones to appointments, so let Concierge Care handle it. Our licensed, insured caregivers will provide safe transportation and not only accompany your loved one, they’ll relay all guidelines and plans to you.

Tending to Home

Having a clean, safe living space is important to mending quickly. Our caregivers can handle housekeeping, laundry and anything that will help remove the burden from the patient.

General Movement

It’s easy to take for granted how we go about our day. For those recovering from a hospital visit, a simple trip to the bathroom can be difficult. Concierge Care can help with mobility assistance, dressing, grooming and bathing – all of which allows your loved one to devoted time to rest and recovery.

Social Relations

It’s no picnic having to stay in a hospital, but at least there’s contact with doctors, nurses and workers. When a patient arrives home, that all stops. At Concierge Care, we recognize that, so we spend time offering social interaction and helping foster a welcoming environment for recuperation.

Every family has specific, individual needs for post hospital care. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Why Choose Concierge Care in Tampa, FL?

Choosing the right caregiver is a critical decision – it’s like selecting a new member of the family. That’s why we meet to talk about your parent’s needs before anything happens and identify the caregivers that have the skills and experience to match. You’ll then get to meet our trained caregivers before post hospital care begins.

Contact Us – Our Post Hospital Care Can Help

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