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Taking care of a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming and take a toll on your personal life. After all, your parent needs constant care and supervision, while you have your own family, work or other obligations. Juggling all these responsibilities is simply impossible, which is why many families opt for home care services. With a qualified caregiver by their side, your parent can receive the level of care they need, even when you are not around to help them. At Concierge Care we offer quality dementia care in Clearwater and surrounding areas.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are one of those conditions that progress with time. While at the beginning the symptoms are mild and subtle and seniors can function normally, as time goes by they begin to struggle with confusion, disorientation, and heavy memory loss. With dementia care services your parent can receive the support they need to overcome many challenges and age safely at home.

Our caregivers are trained to deliver expert dementia care in Clearwater. They can help your parent with various activities, take them for regular walks and encourage them to follow their exercise routine. With our help your loved one will be able to stay active and visit their friends, go shopping or go to see a movie or a play while remaining completely safe.

Our skilled care providers can also make sure that your parent lives in a safe environment without any fall hazards. They can keep an eye on your loved one and make sure they do not wander. Our caregiver can also prepare nutritious meals and make sure your senior receives all the vitamins and minerals they need. As a part of our dementia care in Clearwater, we can also manage behavioral changes that accompany Alzheimer’s or dementia such as mood swings and communication issues. Maintaining personal hygiene is important for both physical and mental health, which is why we provide assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting as well.

At Concierge Care we understand that caring for a loved family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia is overwhelming and exhausting. However, you are not alone. With our dementia care in Clearwater you can take a step back to take care of other responsibilities. This doesn’t mean you are giving up on your parent or shifting your obligations to someone else. It simply means you love your senior family member and want them to have the best care possible.

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