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When you get to be a certain age, change isn’t easy. Following a hospitalization in Palm Coast, a senior citizen may have a sudden, new medical condition, change in medicine, or need physical therapy. Along the way, there’s the challenge of navigating life with new medical equipment, decreased mobility and keeping up with one’s home. Transitional care is key. At Concierge Care in Palm Coast, FL our dedicated, trustworthy professionals are trained at providing transitional management for patients all across Palm Coast, FL and the surrounding area.

Trust us to provide the best home care that will put your loved one back on the road to better health. Reviewers overwhelmingly praise the service they receive from Concierge Care in Palm Coast, FL because we put clients first. Contact us today and join the others in Flagler County and the surrounding area who know we can help.

Champion Level Transitional Care in Palm Coast, FL

The idea behind transitional care is to prevent having the patient readmitted into AdventHealth or another northeast Florida area hospital. This can be avoided best when trained professionals assist. At Concierge Care in Palm Coast, we know how to lessen the likelihood of reentering the hospital. We do this through a host of services designed to restore patients to better health fast.

Here are some ways we can help:  medication reminders and administration; wound and bandage care; nutrition and meal planning; assistance with managing pain and its causes; guidance on how to use new medical devices in the home; daily household duties; and, personal grooming and hygiene.

If there are any other ways we can help, let us know. We’re happy to listen to your request.

Why Concierge Care in Palm Coast?

Everyone’s health is a primary concern, and transitional care shouldn’t be left to just anyone. At Concierge Care in Palm Coast, we are industry leaders because of the way we put families first. Unlike other home care agencies who select caregivers for their clients without any discussion, we let our clients be a part of the selection process. You’ll get to meet with caregivers and approve of our decision before anyone tends to your loved one. We want to carefully ensure we’ve made a good decision by having your approval every step of the way.

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