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Medication Management In Palm Coast

Are you worried that your loved one is not taking their medications as prescribed? Do they often tell you they forgot to take their medications? Or do you visit them and see that their pillbox is missing more medications than it should be?

If you have any concerns about your loved one’s ability to manage their medication schedule, we can help. At Concierge Care, we offer medication management in Palm Coast, making sure that our senior clients take the right dose of the right medication at the right time, just as instructed by their medical team.

Why Medication Management

As seniors age, a lot of them have to take an increased number of medications to manage chronic conditions and stay as healthy as possible. Many older adults take more than 5 medications daily, but there are plenty of seniors who need to take 10+ medications every single day.

Remembering at which time to take each medication is hard enough without having to follow other instructions, like whether to take a medication on an empty stomach, during a meal or with a glass of water. That is where medication management in Palm Coast steps in.

We understand that keeping up with demanding medication schedules is not easy, but we are even more aware of how dangerous medication mismanagement can be.

Skipping a dose or taking a higher dose than prescribed can lead to all sorts of health issues, which can then result in emergency situations and even hospitalization. With the help of our dedicated experts, you can rest assured that medication errors will be reduced to a minimum and that your loved one will properly take their medications on a daily basis.

What Does Medication Management Include

Our medication management in Palm Coast consists of a number of services that ensure proper medication intake, including:

  • Medication reconciliation with a physician, which means building a comprehensive list of all the medications a patient is taking along with detailed instructions on how they should be taken
  • Medication education and training, which is important because seniors and families need to understand why certain medications are prescribed, how they help, and more
  • Medication interaction assessment, which focuses on how medications interact with each other
  • Filling medication pillboxes, which allows seniors to easily follow their schedules
  • Observing for side-effects, which is particularly significant when a new medication is introduced
  • Offering medication reminders
  • Picking up prescription medications from a pharmacy in the area

To learn more about our medication management in Palm Coast, please contact Concierge Care today.

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