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Senior Home Care Services In Dupont, FL

If your loved one has started showing some of the most common signs of decreased independence, like being unable to care for themselves and their personal needs, struggling with routine tasks such as meal prep or housekeeping or having difficulties with managing a health condition, we can help.

At Concierge Care, we offer a number of specialized care programs that can be altered at any time to accurately reflect your loved one’s needs and situation. With us, your loved one can continue aging at home in Dupont, FL, regardless of whether they need help with common age-related challenges, have dementia or another illness that requires professional care or are going through a major transition.

To get started with our expert senior care services, just give us a call. We will arrange for an in-house consultation where we will get to discuss your loved one’s needs with your family. After gaining a better insight into their unique situation, we will create a personalized care plan and identify a caregiver who is a perfect match. You will meet the chosen caregiver before they begin caring for your loved one.

Our care programs are created to make a real difference.

Let us take a closer look at the programs that are available in Dupont, FL:

24-Hour Live-In Home Care – If your loved one needs 24/7 assistance for whatever reason, this care program can meet all their requirements.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care – No matter if your loved one is in the early or later stages of dementia, we can help them lead a quality life in the safety of their home.

Companion & Homemaker Care – We can assist with activities such as meal planning, grocery shopping, running errands, light housekeeping, and much more.

Hospital-To-Home Care/Transitional Care – If your senior loved one is in a hospital due to an illness, injury or surgery, we can support them as they transition back home.

Medication Management – We can make sure that your loved one takes their medications as prescribed by their doctor and reduce the risk of medication errors to an absolute minimum.

Personal Care Services – Our services can help your loved one take better personal care, exercise as recommended, and more.

Senior Living Transitional Assistance – If your loved one is about to relocate to a senior community, we can help them get used to their new environment.

To learn more about us and our services, give us a call today! We look forward to meeting you!

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