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Caring for a loved one diagnosed with dementia is hard, especially when they reach the later stages of the disease. Since dementia is a progressive, incurable condition, assisting your loved one gets harder with time, which is why you should consider professional dementia care in Palm Coast. With the support of an expert caregiver, not only will your loved one get the care they need to lead a dignified life but you will be able to balance your private life and help your parent with ease.

When they first get diagnosed, your loved one may experience just a few symptoms of the condition and thus be perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. As the condition advances, they will still manage with your help and the help of other family members and friends. However, when they enter the later stages of dementia, your loved one will need quality dementia care in Palm Coast to be able to continue living at home. Naturally, this is a preferred alternative to relocation to a nursing home.

Depending on your loved one’s needs, our caregivers can help them with:

  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Mobility
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Grocery shopping
  • Running errands
  • Transportation
  • Fall prevention
  • Wandering prevention

In our dementia care in Palm Coast, conversation and companionship are naturally considered a key component of care, so a loving caregiver will also spend quality time with your loved one. They can watch a TV show together, play memory games or puzzles, go out for a walk or just talk over a cup of tea. This is an important aspect of care for dementia sufferers as their brains need proper stimulation in order to keep their condition under as much control as possible.

With professional dementia care in Palm Coast, you get the ultimate peace of mind as well. Your loved one will receive the best care available in the comfort of their home, supported by trained professionals who passed rigorous background checks. Their care plan will be 100% personalized and you can make changes to it whenever needed. Moreover, to ensure maximum client satisfaction, you get to meet and approve of compatible caregivers before they begin working for you.

Behind the scenes, in our office in Palm Coast, our staff members will also work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of services. You can call our staff through a direct line 24/7 and ask for assistance or updates on your loved one’s condition. We will also organize frequent follow-ups to check whether your loved one’s care plan needs some adjusting. Finally, it is good to know that each Concierge Care office is bonded, and licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

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