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Outstanding Alzheimer’s Care In Palm Coast, FL

Concierge Care is dedicated to providing home care services of the highest quality, helping seniors throughout numerous locations in Florida to get the personalized assistance they need to maintain independence and safety in their golden years. When needed, we can also provide professional Alzheimer’s care in Palm Coast for local seniors diagnosed with the condition.

Alzheimer’s disease is widely regarded as the most common type of dementia, with an estimated 5.5 million people affected by the condition in the States alone. When families learn about their loved one’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, usually the first impulse is to think about arranging a relocation to a senior living facility. While aging adults may receive all the care they need in such institutions, the truth is that moving away from home often causes stress and anxiety. In those with Alzheimer’s, relocation can amplify the symptoms of the illness as familiar surroundings play an important role in their daily life.

On the other hand, when Alzheimer’s care in Palm Coast is provided by Concierge Care, senior loved ones are allowed to remain safely and comfortably at home, catered by experienced professionals.

Care for Aging Adults

Although it might take some time for you to process the situation and learn as much as you can about your loved one’s recently diagnosed condition, starting preparations and making future care plans is a smart move. While Mom or Dad’s symptoms may be very mild now, it will all change as their condition progresses. Pretty soon, they might need the kind of care that surpasses your abilities as a caregiver. Informing about professional Alzheimer’s care in Palm Coast can help you prepare for the future.

The caregivers we refer are all extensively trained and experienced to provide exceptional memory care based on the unique symptoms and needs of each client we serve. Your assigned caregiver, whom you get to meet and approve beforehand, will use every opportunity to mentally stimulate your Mom or Dad through special memory exercises, games, and fun activities. We also monitor your loved one and make sure they do not wander off, run errands in their stead, perform housekeeping chores, assist with bathing and hygiene, and much more.

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