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Dementia Care from Concierge Care in Gainesville, FL

Nature and culture meet in our booming city of Gainesville. Here in Alachua County it’s all about huge state parks and one of the largest public universities in the nation – and along with so many other amenities – making ours one of the finest cities in Florida.

But in a city like this where life is busy and weather is extreme, caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be daunting task. At Concierge Care of Gainesville, we meet people all the time who need a break. Or support. Or a listening ear.

We can do that and more with a team that specializes in dementia care. We’re skilled, dependable and part of the Gainesville community. Let us be your helping hand during a difficult time as we creatively manage it together.

Empathetic Dementia Care for Gainesville, FL and the Surrounding Area

When we care for loved ones with dementia from conditions like Alzheimer’s, we have to learn to handle many challenges. These diseases cause people to think less clearly, forget more often and impair overall communication.

Finding someone who can help you manage these changes takes a great deal of empathy and understanding. Our skilled caregivers have learned how to handle clients who need dementia care with grace and love.

We Create a Safe Environment

Safety in dementia care comes first, so our caregivers will walk through your loved one’s home and ensure that any potential injury risks will be minimized.

We Care for Your Loved One’s Health

Our trained team can help you manage appointments anywhere in Gainesville, FL and the surrounding area, and administer medicine, as required.

We Offer Personal Support

We’ll do our part to offer personal assistance around the home with cooking, hygiene and bathing, while still offering your loved one the chance to feel independent.

We’ll Try to Keep Things Normal

As much as possible, we want to keep a sense of peace and purpose in your loved one’s home. We know we can’t change the person, nor their behavior, but our reaction to it can be filled with gentleness, honesty and flexibility.

Why Use Our Dementia Care in Gainesville, FL?

You’ll see the dementia care difference with Concierge Care in Gainesville when we first visit your home. We’ll discuss care needs and identify one or more caregivers that make a match. Then you’ll get to meet the selected caregivers before anything happens. That kind of flexibility is a hallmark of our operation in Gainesville.

Contact Us in Gainesville for Dementia Care

Gainesville is our home, not in some corporate office far away, so please call us to start discussing how we can help: (352) 448-7871. You can also use our online form.

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