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Compassionate Alzheimer’s Care for Gainesville, FL and the Surrounding Area

As difficult as it is living with Alzheimer’s, so too is it caring for Alzheimer’s patients. Here at Concierge Care in Gainesville, FL we make memory care a priority. It’s especially important in an area like Alachua County where our aging population needs extra special attention. Simply put, our Alzheimer’s care is the best in Gainesville and the surrounding area.

It takes a special kind of person to deal with Alzheimer’s patients, which is why our dedicated caregivers have been specially trained in dealing with patients who suffer from memory loss. No matter if your loved one is located in West Hills, Arredondo, Windsor, Alachua, Jonesville, La Crosse, Rochelle, Archer and the surrounding area, we’ll be happy to offer you our expert care. Call us at Concierge Care in Gainesville, FL, and see why we’re different.

Take the guesswork out of Alzheimer’s care when you have Concierge Care in Gainesville, FL help your loved one. We are accustomed to helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease, so when we meet to discuss your needs, we’ll customize everything we do around your senior. This might include integrating our dedicated team with other family caregivers, physicians, pharmacists and other support staff who tend to your loved one. Together, we’ll provide an environment to allow the patient to thrive safely in their own home. Here’s how we do it.

Put Safety First

Before we can help, we’ll make the home a safe place for everyone. Our caregivers know that every hazard in the home can be mitigated with careful planning.

Keeping Health Top of Mind

Getting your loved one to doctor appointments and in the regular care of physicians in Gainesville, FL is critical to managing their health.

Physical and Emotional Support

Concierge Care in Gainesville can offer help around the home – cooking, cleaning, laundry – and become a positive companion when your loved one needs someone to talk to.

Maintaining a Sense of Normalcy

Alzheimer’s care doesn’t mean erasing the disease and its difficulties, but managing our response to challenging moments with patience, respect and flexibility.

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We’re local and ready to help. Call Concierge Care in Gainesville to set up senior care for those with Alzheimer’s: (352) 448-7871.

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