Nationally Renowned Concierge Care Services In Seven Lakes, FL

If you are looking for top-quality home care solutions for your loved one in Seven Lakes, FL, you have come to the right place. At Concierge Care, we are honored to be among the nation’s leading senior care agencies and we could not be prouder to offer our services right in your area as well.

With a combination of carefully designed care programs, all fully customizable to meet the needs of each individual client, trained caregivers who are passionate about their work, and rates that are budget-friendly, we are sure we can offer your family a care solution that will exceed your expectations.

In Seven Lakes, FL, we offer the following in home care services:

24-Hour Live In Home Care – Seniors with growing or complex care needs can remain at home with our 24-hour home care program and get all the help they could possibly need from qualified professionals.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care – With our programs built specifically for seniors with any type or stage of dementia, including the most widespread form of the illness – Alzheimer’s disease, older adults can safely continue living at home, where they will get higher quality care and support than in nursing homes.

Companion Care – We offer companion care services for seniors who need some assistance with non-medical daily needs and wish to boost their social activity and stay as socially connected in the area as possible.

Homemaker Care – This programs includes a range of services, from help with cleaning and laundry to meal preparation, allowing older adults to enjoy a higher quality of life right at home.

Hospital-To-Home Care & Transitional Care – Our care providers help seniors safely transition from a hospital or rehab facility to their home, where they can resume recovery and minimize the risk of readmission with the support of a loving professional.

Medication Management – Our caregivers provide medication management and make sure to prevent any medication errors such as missed or skipped doses.

Personal Care Services – We assist seniors with personal care and hygiene too, ensuring that the services are provided in a compassionate way so as to prevent embarrassment.

Senior Living Transitional Assistance – We support older adults as they are about to move from their home to a senior community, helping them adjust to their new environment as fast as possible.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about us, our services, and our caregivers or request your free at-home consultation where we can answer all your questions and propose a suitable plan of care for your loved one.


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