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Concierge Care Provides Quality Care Programs For Seniors In Bonita Springs, FL

The sunny state of Florida is the preferred choice for retirement for many senior Americans. If your family is considering care services to help a loved one continue living independently at home, you might want to opt for Concierge Care – an award-winning agency serving from a number of offices in Florida.

At Concierge Care, we provide quality senior care programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each client we serve and we match seniors with compatible, like-minded caregivers with whom they can easily bond.

In Bonita Springs FL, Concierge Care offers the following services:

24-Hour Live-In Home Care – A team of caregivers can work in shifts to provide 24/7 care, assistance, and monitoring for those with mobility issues, medical problems, or safety concerns.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care – If your loved one is afflicted with any type of dementia, consider Concierge Care rather than relocating them to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Our caregivers are trained to provide expert memory care that can help your loved one slow down their cognitive decline and allow them to remain in the safe, familiar surroundings of their home for as long as possible.

Companion & Homemaker Care – This service includes help with a wide array of daily tasks such as light housekeeping, laundering, cleaning, cooking, errands, shopping, and more. Besides assistance with daily activities, caregivers also provide valuable companionship to boost social wellness and help seniors feel less lonely, especially if their family members happen to live out of town.

Hospital-To-Home Care/Transitional Care – We provide a support system to help your loved one ease their transition from hospital to home, minimize the risks of hospital readmission, and fully restore their health as quickly as possible.

Medication Management – For many older adults, managing a multitude of different medications with demanding timetables without any help often leads to skipped doses and medication errors that can cause serious side effects. Your loved one can avoid this with the help of a caregiver who will provide medication reminders and make sure that the administered pharmaceuticals are used safely.

Personal Care Services – Our caregiver can provide assistance with mobility, bathing, dressing, grooming, dental care, and other personal care needs while treating the client with dignity and respect.

Senior Living Transitional Assistance – When older adults have to move out of their home and go live in a senior living community, we help them adjust to new circumstances and ease the transition.

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