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Local Dementia Care for Amelia Island, FL and the Surrounding Area

The burden of caring for a loved one with dementia takes a toll on everyone. At Concierge Care in Amelia Island, FL we understand the challenges of dementia. That’s why we offer customized service catering specifically to dementia care. This offering has been a blessing to numerous families all over Nassau County, Florida. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Fernandina Beach, O’Neil, Amelia City, Yulee, American Beach, Franklintown, Nassauville and the surrounding area – we have you covered with the most compassionate, loving dementia care along the Atlantic coast.

Your loved one afflicted with dementia needs a highly trained and professional staff who knows what patients need. Concierge Care in Amelia Island, FL has been helping dementia family members for years. We’ll be there whenever you need us. Here’s how we do it.

We Make Sure Your Loved One Is Safe

Safety always comes first, especially with dementia. We’ll make sure his/her home is secure and free from hazards so you can feel confident they’re getting along just fine.

We Monitor Health

Dementia can’t be eliminated, but we’ll do our part to make sure your loved one stays healthy. This includes transportation to doctor appointments anywhere in Amelia Island and the surrounding area. We’ll also make sure the right medicine is taken at the right time.

Customized Help Around the Home

Your loved one needs a lot of help around the home:  cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal hygiene – and Concierge Care in Amelia Island can help while still allowing him or her to feel empowered.

Maintaining Normalcy

The best thing we can do to help the senior in your life is offer a routine that makes life seem normal while treating him or her with the utmost respect and love.

Why Select Us for Dementia Care in Amelia Island, FL?

We understand the symptoms. We understand the behavior. We understand the care. The caregivers working for you at Concierge Care are experts at dementia care, so you can feel confident knowing we’ve got this. Dementia is difficult and demanding, but it’s also a rewarding job serving wonderful seniors throughout Amelia Island and the surrounding area.

Call Us for Dementia Care – We Want to Help

We’re ready to listen with an empathetic ear. Call Concierge Care in Amelia Island, FL at 888-205-9940.

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