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Professional Senior Care Services in Clearwater, Florida

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Concierge Care in Clearwater, Florida

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Professional Caring Senior Services Are Available in Clearwater, FL

Feeling overwhelmed whilst looking for the right senior care solution for your loved one is perfectly normal. Here at Concierge Care in Clearwater, FL, we understand and want to make this process as easy on you as possible.

If you decide to go with Concierge Care, the first thing that we will do is send out a senior care advisor to your senior parent's home. At that time, our caring senior service advisor will spend time with your parent, answer any questions they may have and look into their current home situation. At that time, our care advisor will work with your loved one to identify the right caregiver or caregivers for them. This is a particularly important step and can make a major difference in your parent's care. Your loved one will get to meet the caregiver we believe would work best with them and will make the final decision about whether or not to go with them.

In Clearwater, FL, we have designed a set of caring senior services tailored to the needs of older individuals. We are focused on doing as much as possible to help older adults get the senior care they need to be able to continue living in the comfort of their own home for a long time.

The following are just some of the caring senior services we offer in Clearwater, FL:

24-Hour Live-In Home Care: This is a line of specialized care that is provided around the clock. It will help your loved one achieve independence and give you peace of mind.

Alzheimer’s Care & Dementia Care: All older adults with dementia can now age in place and avoid the stress of moving to an assisted living facility.

Companion Care & Homemaker Care: With our companion and homemaker care, older adults can now get all the assistance they need to get through the day in the most comfortable way. We make sure all of their daily tasks and chores are taken care of through our wide range of services.

Hospital-To-Home Care: Transitioning smoothly back home following a hospital visit is of paramount importance for older adults especially.

Medication Management: A skilled nurse can monitor your loved one's medication and help make sure they take it.

Personal Care Services: We offer a wide range of services including assistance with personal care, hygiene, and other tasks that can elevate your loved one’s overall well-being.

Senior Living Transitional Assistance: Moving to a senior community can be very difficult for your loved one both physically and emotionally. We can help.

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