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Steps to Improve Senior Wellness

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Do you help provide care to a senior loved one? It is natural to want to provide the best care possible for the ones you love, and that often begins with assessing their physical, mental, and emotional health. You want the very best for your senior loved one in home care. We want that, too. Below, we are sharing some advice that can help you improve your senior’s overall health and wellbeing.

A Better Quality of Life

Seniors in home care can thrive when given the proper opportunities! You can help your senior live their best life by doing several things. First, monitor their emotional wellness. Be aware of and watch for the signs of depression and anxiety. If you notice any warning signs, contact their doctor right away to seek treatment. Next, help your senior get the right amount of physical activity. Exercise is good for heart health, better sleep, building strength, and much more. Lastly, encourage plenty of mental activity. Your senior can keep their brain sharp with word games, puzzles, learning a new hobby, or telling a story.

Making Meaningful Connections

Do not leave out social stimulation when it comes to your senior’s wellness. Genuine social interaction and making new, purposeful connections is an important part of keeping your senior happy. If your senior feels like they are needed and valued, this is a positive reinforcement that they are a contributing member of their family and society. You should also work to keep them connected with family. Arrange for safe family visits, or help them learn to email, text, call, and video chat easily.

Living Safely at Home

If your senior is living alone at home, they will need a support system. Make sure you have family that is calling your senior on a regular basis to check on them and provide companionship. It is also a good idea to make sure their home is safe and livable for them, meaning eliminating any obstacles and adding further safety measures they may need. If safety is still a concern after these steps, professional home care services can provide peace of mind.

Work with a flexible senior care team like Concierge Care to provide the support and protection your senior needs. For further advice on how to help your senior loved one focus on their health and wellness, we are here for you. Please reach out to us today to talk with our senior care experts and schedule your consultation.

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