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How to Recognize and Accept the Symptoms of Dementia

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Do you have a senior loved one you care for? If so, it is always a good idea to know how to recognize the symptoms of a common illness among older adults – dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately, dementia affects millions of families every year. So, if you can discover if your senior has the onset of dementia, you can also help them take preventative measures to slow the spread of the disease and keep their mind strong for as long as possible. Another benefit of identifying dementia is that once you know it exists, you can help your senior loved one to cope with their disease.

Below, you can learn how to recognize the symptoms of dementia and how to help your senior (and family) accept them.

Identifying Early Symptoms

While there are several different types of dementia that can affect a senior differently, there are also several common early symptoms that are identifiable. These include memory loss; frequent mood changes; difficulty concentrating; confusion over time, places, and people; difficulty following a conversation or trying to communicate; and forgetfulness or confusion when performing familiar daily tasks. If your senior begins to exhibit any of these symptoms, even if they are mild, we suggest that you reach out to their doctor for further evaluation. Often times, these mild symptoms will progress and gradually become more severe. Dementia is not a natural part of the aging process, so medical intervention as early as possible can be beneficial.

Coming to Terms with Dementia

It is not easy for either your loved one or yourself to accept that they have dementia. It is a life-changing disease and can take some time to come to terms with it. Over time, the process of acceptance involves learning and absorbing more information about the disease, helping your loved one find a purpose, and getting support through organizations with adequate resources.

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