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10 Tips to Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risk

Monday, November 9, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports one out of five senior falls causes a severe injury, like a broken bone or head trauma. Injuries of this sort can make life difficult for an older adult to do everyday activities or live independently. Instead, the senior’s home should be maximized and made efficient to ensure their safety and reduce fall hazards. Here are our top 10 tips to reduce the risk of senior falls.

  • Make an appointment with their doctor.
  • Schedule them for routine hearing and vision exams.
  • Help them get active daily.
  • Make sure they are staying hydrated.
  • Remove any obstacles in their home.
  • Have good lighting throughout their house and encourage them to use nightlights in hallways.
  • Encourage them to wear non-slip shoes or slippers in the house.
  • Fix or install new handrails.
  • Help prepare a diet for them, rich in nutrients to keep them strong and help prevent falling.
  • Talk to them and ask them to consider one-floor living arrangements.

These safety tips to prevent falls are easy to implement. Every year, millions of seniors seek treatment at a hospital after they have fallen. Even the smallest fall can result in uncertainty in the mind of a senior! A senior can put up a brave front and appear to be healthy and robust; however, there may be lingering doubts about what they are capable of doing.

It is always best for an older adult to have a cell phone in an easily accessible place. Lanyards are great ways to ensure that even if a person falls, the communication device will reach the hands. Another option, instead of a cell phone, is an emergency fall device. These devices only have one function—summoning professional medical help immediately. They also have much longer battery life and are much more accessible to many older adults. Some of these devices are connected to insurance programs that may help pay for the equipment!

For more guidance and information about protecting your senior loved one in their own home, please reach out to us at Concierge Care to schedule your consultation. Our caregivers are here for you.

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