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Questions to Ask a Potential Live-In Caregiver

Friday, May 22, 2020

Considering live-in care for your senior? You’re going to need some help providing care for your loved one, and that usually begins with hiring a live-in caregiver! But how do you know how to choose the right caregiver for your senior and family? Interviewing can be a daunting task, but we’re helping you make the process a little bit easier with a specific set of questions to ask prospective candidates.

Background Questions 

The set of questions below will help you learn more about the prospective caregiver’s educational and work background. These will help you ensure that this caregiver will be a safe person to have around your senior.

  1. Do you have a driver’s license and clean driving record? Do you have reliable transportation and insurance? How far from here do you live?
      1. This will help you make sure the candidate is able to get to and from your senior’s home as well as safely assist them with transportation and running errands.
  2. Would you be willing to submit to a background check? Would you be willing to sign that you will not have guests come into our home unless you’ve received prior approval?
      1. If they are willing to consent to a background, that’s a good sign! Ideally, you will want to hire a live-in caregiver with a clean background. 
  3. Are you willing to sign a contract stating you will not accept money or gifts from my [parent/grandparent/spouse, etc] without clearing it with me?
      1. This is a particularly important question that will test the candidate’s character and trustworthiness. Unfortunately, it is easy to take advantage of seniors, and you want to make sure the caregiver you hire will not do that.

Qualification Questions

These questions will allow you to dive further into the prospective caregiver’s skills, experience, and knowledge in the field of caregiving. Asking these questions will give you peace of mind that your senior is in capable hands.

  1. Have you ever cared for someone with [conditions relatable to your loved one’s care: memory problems, elderly, wheelchair bound, etc.] before? If so, please elaborate. 
      1. It’s always a positive thing if the caregiver has provided care for someone who has similar conditions or state of health as your senior! Ask this question to gage how comfortable the caregiver would be with your senior. 
  2. Are you able to work the hours needed? When are you available to start working? 
      1. Live-in care requires a lot of time and effort from the caregiver. Be sure that the caregiver can meet the hours and requirements necessary for caring for your senior. 
  3. Here is a list of expected caregiving related duties — is there anything on the list that poses a problem or concern? 
      1. If the prospective caregiver cannot perform a required duty, you need to know prior to hiring to avoid any mistakes or accidents.
  4. What caregiving certification training do you have, if any? Do you have any CPR or first-aid training? If I pay for it, would you be willing to add to your skills?
      1. In the event that your senior should have an accident, you want to positive that your caregiver has the skillset required to help them in any situation or to seek further help.

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