Exercise Routines for Seniors

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Did you know a workout for the body is also a workout for the brain? It’s true! Especially for seniors in home care. Exercise routines for seniors can have a positive effect on physical, mental, and emotional health – All important factors when it comes to keeping seniors feeling good and healthy. Let’s take a look below and learn about the various benefits an exercise regimen can provide for your senior! 

Exercise is Good for Physical Health

Unsurprisingly, the more a senior exercises, the better their overall physical health will be! When a senior is in good physical shape, they are less likely to encounter issues with injury, mobility, and health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Keeping up with a regular exercise routine can also give seniors more energy, make them stronger, and improve their balance. 

While the physical benefits of exercise may seem obvious, did you know that physical activity also provides major benefits for the brain?

Exercise Provides Some Big Brain Benefits

Exercise prevents anxiety and depression. Seniors who are regularly moving it can release a variety of good chemicals in their brains! Specifically, hits of dopamine are developed and sent to the brain, giving off a sense of joy. This stimulation in the nervous system helps to ward off anxiety and depression. 

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain. When seniors are moving, they are getting more blood flow to their brains, and that means the brain will receive more oxygen and nutrients! More blood flow to the brain also means more fuel to operate and protect brain cells. During and after exercise, brain cells will create substances that protect them from damage and destructive toxins. 

Exercise can prevent or improve dementia symptoms. When seniors exercise, they can actually increase their alertness, attentiveness, and memory! A regular exercise regiment boosts brain health by increasing blood flow to the brain. This in turn can offset both heart disease and dementia. 

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