Volunteer Opportunities for Older Adults in Senior Care: Why Seniors Should Volunteer Their Time

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Volunteering as a senior doesn’t just benefit those receiving the help — it benefits the senior who is helping, too! 

Volunteer activities promote positivity in other aspects of a senior’s life, including within their family and personal relationships. Additionally, volunteering paints a positive picture for senior citizens and how they interact as a part of our society and how they are perceived by other generations. 

Still need more convincing? 

Read through four more great reasons why volunteering time as a senior can be so rewarding for everyone involved! 

It Keeps Them Mentally Stimulated

When seniors participate in social activities and engage in their hobbies, it can lower their health risks, which include Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. It can even improve longevity! When seniors are volunteering, they’re staying mentally active, which overall helps to improve and maintain their cognitive abilities. 

It’s a Healthy Physical Activity

With mental stimulation and volunteering comes physical activity, too! Whether a senior is helping to build a home or walk the grounds of a museum, volunteering does wonders to promote getting physical and active while on duty. This is a great benefit because being physically fit and active helps to fight off many common diseases and injuries that come with the aging process.

It Prevents Isolation and Depression

Getting involved in volunteer work means plenty of social interaction with all the other volunteers and leadership teams. Friendships and relationships are often formed from volunteering together, and this is a great way for seniors to battle any feelings of loneliness or isolation they may have been feeling or help to prevent them entirely.

It Keeps Them Social with Other Generations

It’s no surprise that most volunteers are made up of younger generations who are encouraged to do volunteer work to improve their educational prospects. This makes for the perfect opportunity for senior citizens to bridge the generation gap! Seniors can help teach the younger generations a few things about life, but they also have much to learn from young people, too.

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