Tips for Communicating Well with Seniors

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The baby boomer generation continues to age, making this U.S. population the first to outnumber children for the first time ever in our country’s history. In about 10 years, it’s predicted that almost one out of five people will be of retirement age.

Therefore, if you aren’t a boomer yourself, chances are you have family members or friends in that age bracket. If not, you might be employed working in senior care of some variety. Either way, it’s smart to be able to know how to communicate well with our older adults.

Since vision, hearing and memory problems become more common as we age, conversations with older adults can be rather complicated.

Here are 5 tips for communicating clearly and respectfully with the older adults you know.

  • Enunciate your words clearly. Older adults with hearing loss often appreciate when people speak just a little more slowly and enunciate clearly when speaking to them. Increase your volume when talking and take time to pronounce words clearly.
  • Noisy backgrounds are challenging. Conversations are most challenging when there is music, TV, or any background noise. Try to find a quiet restaurant when dining out and when possible, position yourself so your face and non-verbal language is more easily seen.
  • Laughter is medicine so offer up a dose. Tell Grandma a good joke or watch a funny movie with her. Get her to laugh as often as you can. It’s so healthy for both of you.
  • Actively listen. If you take the time to listen without interrupting, Grandpa will feel more valuable. Allow him to have long pauses in between words as he is reminiscing. Be patient.
  • Encourage the memories to be shared. Older adults have a wealth of information that can’t be found in books. Visit someone in senior care whenever possible and encourage him or her to share the stories, wisdom and knowledge that only comes with age.

Always show respect, patience, and kindness to our older population in senior care. These older adults have likely lived through a number of wars and numerous presidents. Try to pull out their tales and sit back to listen and enjoy.

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