4 Ways Seniors Can Stay Young

Monday, September 9, 2019

No one can stay young forever. However, seniors with home care feel best when they continue with the activities that were previously enjoyed in their younger years.

Help with home care may initially be resisted, but a qualified caregiver can bring joy back into the life of an aging adult.

A caring home care provider knows there are 4 ways to help seniors stay young:

  • Healthier food can be provided with meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking prep. A senior can get out the old recipes and start cooking again. More fresh vegetables and fruit and less processed foods makes a difference in looking and feeling good.
  • Expanded social opportunities with consistent communication and laughter is imperative for adults to have good cognitive health. And who doesn’t want more fun! Isolation is a killer. Having a companion makes a difference for anyone in home care.
  • Increased activity levels with a reliable companion and driver will mean more physical activity and social events. Walking with a partner feels safer and becomes an enjoyable event. Incorporating daily strengthening exercises is beneficial for managing chronic illnesses and makes a difference in overall health and wellness, too.
  • Learning becomes fun when someone else is involved. Playing games at home with a friend can keep the brain sharp. Joining a book club or taking advantage of library events is smart, as well. When a senior is no longer driving, a caregiver provides opportunities and experiences, keeping the brain from becoming dull.

Why should anyone lose their vibrancy or stop doing the things they’ve always loved? Involvement with people, projects and the outdoors is vital to a healthy mind and body.

With proper care and consideration, adults can look and feel young longer than ever before. Have you considered a home care assistant to help you or a loved one have a higher quality of life? Call Concierge Care to talk about home care options today!

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