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How to act around someone with Alzheimer’s

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

It’s hard to watch someone you love deteriorate physically but Alzheimer’s Disease creates unique communication changes and problems, in addition to physical challenges. People in Alzheimer’s care will struggle to express themselves and eventually won’t be able to verbally communicate their needs.

One in ten people in the U.S. have a family member in Alzheimer’s care at any given time so we can all profit by learning how to communicate with our suffering friends and loved ones. As with other forms of dementia or brain disorders, there are prescribed specific approaches that help us better connect.

Asking detailed questions to people with memory problems will probably be a fail. Instead, open-ended questions may keep the conversation going longer and your loved one will feel more comfortable and connected with you. If you want to extend your connection,

How To Talk To Someone With  Alzheimer’s

  1. Minimize distractions. Eliminate or reduce stimuli so your loved one is better able to focus on your words. Speak in short sentences.
  2. Listen patiently. When interacting with your loved one, be patient and ask minimal questions.
  3. Be compassionate. Go along wherever the conversation takes you. Don’t correct any delusions or laugh at your loved one.
  4. Non-verbal cues can be helpful. Make good eye contact and smile often, easing your loved one, even if they don’t recognize who you are.

Your loved one may not express his or her emotions or thoughts well and will likely have trouble with comprehension so it will be up to you to offer agreement, accept blame, be cheerful, distract and be reassuring to him or her that all is well each time you visit.

Don’t argue or confront, question or try to reason with someone in Alzheimer’s care and don’t take it personally. Unfortunately, memory disorders continue to worsen and you’ll have to muster up forgiveness, patience and acceptance throughout the process. Try to actively remember you’re loved in their best of times and be respectful towards them.

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