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How to Tackle the Bathing Challenge in Florida

How to Tackle the Bathing Challenge

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Hygiene is vital to older adults in senior care and yet this priority often creates resistance and anxiety in seniors needing help. It may be a challenge, but people working professionally in senior care have found specific methods that work best.

Here are 10 tips from the experts.


  1. Create a schedule for your loved one’s baths so he or she doesn’t have unnecessary anticipation or anxious feelings.
  2. Safety first. Be sure to have multiple grab bars and non-slip surfaces in the bathroom.
  3. Consider a walk-in tub or a bathing chair to ease the transition into the bathtub or shower. Perhaps just a sponge bath is truly enough some of the time. Specialty products like body sugars and scrubs aren’t necessary.
  4. Arrange soap, shampoo, sponges or washcloths close by so they are easy to reach. Set out the towels and place a robe or the clean clothes nearby.
  5. Check the water temperature before the senior undresses and then again throughout the bathing process.
  6. Don’t allow distractions from a cellphone. Be sure it is silenced, yet nearby.
  7. Keep a calm demeanor to ease the tension or awkwardness for both of you.
  8. Another reason bathing is essential to senior care is the opportunity it provides to check for any broken skin, irritations or rashes that the adult might not have noticed or complained about.
  9. Help the older adult, yet it’s important to let him or her do as much as possible. Look for specific items, like electric toothbrushes, that can make the process easier for people in senior care.
  10. After bathing, conclude with a favorite activity, or a snack, tv show, or something enjoyable so that he or she has a happy ending to the bath time. This may help with resistance for the next time.

Dealing with Resistance

Be compassionate at bath time. Elderly adults in senior care are often fearful of falling. They might also feel sad and embarrassed about their need for help, as well. Older people needing senior care for memory issues may become extremely resistant to bathing. Do your best to comfort them with a relaxed environment and consider their needs and feelings.

If you are dealing with too much resistance at bath time or think that bathing is beyond the care you feel qualified to do for your loved one, call Concierge Care. Our professionally-trained caregivers are available to help with hygiene and more. Call us today at 888-205-9940.

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