How To Alleviate Caregiver Guilt

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Whether you’re caring for someone you love in your home or you’re a caregiver looking after someone you love in a nursing home or assisted living facility, caregivers usually have one thing in common: It’s the feeling of guilt. Some caregivers stress over being so busy in their own personal lives that they can’t attend to their parent or friend as much as they would like. Some are taking so much time to care for their loved one that they become exhausted. In any case, excessive guilt and sadness can leave a caregiver feeling depressed which over time can lead to their own illnesses.

What is the solution for coming to terms with guilt? How can one focus on being proud to be a hard-working, compassionate, and well-meaning caregiver?

The following caregiver ideas may help:

Don’t expect to always feel guilt-free. Guilt may be built into the very nature of our species for group survival, but once you know and accept that, you may be able to reduce it by being more mindful about it.

Accept that you may not have a cure or remedy. Of course, you may feel sadness seeing a loved one suffer and you want to find relief for him or her. Nonetheless, this may be impossible, and you may have to face that realistically.

Find some balance whenever possible. You may have loving relationships with children and spouses or dear friends that need to be maintained, as well. Don’t commit all your energy resources to caring for one person. You’ll need to recharge with other social connections, as well.

Take breaks. You’ll definitely feel better and will probably truly become a better caregiver after taking a break. Ask for help. Use respite care so you can get away from the situation, even if just for a day at a time.

Get some sleep. Caregivers tend to care for a loved one while setting aside their own physical needs. If you are exhausted from caring through the night, your emotions won’t be as stable. Be sure that you aren’t doing more than what is physically possible.

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