When Is It Time To Get Additional Care For A Loved One?

Thursday, September 27, 2018


As your family begins to grow and distance itself from your elderly loved ones, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time every day to help them and be there for them. It’s hard to watch your loved one become lonely and incapable of taking care of themselves as they grow older. it’s difficult to balance taking care of them on top of supporting our own family, working, having a social life, and more. We want to help you in giving them the same companionship and support they provided throughout your lives.  Concierge Care’s caregiver referral services may be the perfect solution to the increasingly difficult issue of leaving your elderly loved one alone for too long. Certified Nursing Assistants and Companions can provide a wide range of benefits for the aging person that’s unable to take care of themselves. Before you decide on a personal caregiver, it’s important to know when it’s time to get your loved one the care they deserve.

When is it time to get additional care for a loved one?

  • Medication Mismanagement
  • Deteriorating Driving Abilities
  • Dirty or Cluttered Environment
  • Signs of Malnutrition

Medication Mismanagement

As our loved one grows old, it’s important that they take a wide assortment of vitamins and pills every day to stay healthy. As we get older, our memory becomes increasingly weaker, making it much harder to remember how many pills a person has to take and how often they have to take them a day. As the leading cause of hospital visits for elders, it’s extremely important to monitor their medication intake as to avoid any dangerous and potentially fatal situations. A caregiver is able properly remind your loved one of the right pills to take every day and assure that your loved one will be taken care of every single day.

Deteriorating Driving Abilities

Driving is an important aspect of an elder’s life. It not only provides them with added mobility to go wherever they want, but it’s also a matter of independence. Being able to leave and go somewhere whenever they want is incredibly crucial. Losing your license is an incredible hardship on an elder that can take a huge emotional toll on them. With a Concierge Care referred caregiver, an elder is able to leave and go wherever they want. Whether it be to a doctor’s appointment or just to the local grocery store, the elder is able to mobilize and go wherever they want without having to ever wait on someone else.

Dirty or Cluttered Environment

A cluttered or dirty environment can be another sign that a senior may need additional help. If a loved one’s home is messy and in disarray, it may be possible that the elder is incapable of keeping up with their daily chores. Referred Companion caregivers can provide home care services to assure that the elder’s living space is tidy every single day. A clean-living environment can drastically improve an elder’s mood and standard of living.

Signs of Malnutrition

Another sign of a loved one needing home care is malnutrition. You may notice that their loved one is not eating as much as they used to and are rapidly losing weight. This can endanger their life as malnutrition and weight loss can put the elder at harm for a loss in energy as well as loss of essential fat and muscle mass. Companion care referral services will ensure that your loved one is receiving the proper nutrients every single day to keep them healthy and happy every single day.

It’s hard to see your loved one become incapable of caring for themselves, which makes it incredibly important to find companion caregiver that can help them every single day. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right caregiver for your loved one and impossible to differentiate the ones that will actually help your loved one and those that aren’t qualified to provide the services you desire. Concierge Care is a caregiver referral service that is able to identify and screen quality companion caregivers and find the best ones for your unique situation. Contact Concierge Care by calling (888) 205-9940 to learn more about their services today!

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