Traits to Look for in a Good Caregiver

Monday, August 20, 2018

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When searching for a caregiver for your elderly loved one, you should ensure the respective person has some important character traits. You want the best care for your loved one; you want to know him/her safe and happy. Regardless of whether you will hire a caregiver through a home care agency or a caregiver who works independently, make sure he or she possesses some of the following common character traits:

Patience- Caregivers who need to look after a senior must be patient. If someone is patient, it means that they are able to understand that there can arise several unexpected changes along the way, or that daily tasks cannot be performed as fast as they wish or as fast as they have planned for the day.

Trustworthiness- Caregivers most of the times live in the house of the patient. Therefore, they have direct access to the belongings of that person. It is extremely important to choose a caregiver that is trustworthy and with a good reputation in the field. You should also check a few genuine references before hiring.

Empathy- Caregivers must have what is called compassion. They need to be patient and understanding, especially if they need to take care of a senior with a disease such as Alzheimer’s for example. When someone has empathy, it means the respective person is capable of understanding how difficult it is to cope with the respective underlying disease or how difficult it is to become dependent on another person for personal care tasks.

Good listener- You want to hire a caregiver who is not only compassionate but one who can also listen. Elderly people like to be in a pleasant companion, having someone to whom they can talk to. The caregiver becomes a good friend and a good listener in this case.

Dependable person- The caregiver must show that he/she is available whenever needed. You may need help only a few hours a week, but you also might have to hire a caregiver for a full-time job. This means the caregiver must show up every single day and perform all the necessary duties. You should be able to count on that person that he/she will be present whenever needed so that you can go on with your daily tasks without being anxious that the caregiver might be late or might not arrive at all when needed the most.

A good caregiver is a very good communicator, knows how to handle well emergency situations, shows commitment and encourages the patient. Last but not least, a good sense of humor should also be included on the list because even the most tragic situations need a smile now and then…

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