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Reasons Families Fight Over Caring for Seniors

Monday, August 20, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 2.26.25 PMOne of the most stressful family decisions is when there is a need to take care of an elderly loved one. This is also a time for conflict when different family members fight over who should take care of their loved one, who should invest more efforts, or who should give up some comfort in their life and invest more time to take care of the loved one. Working as a great powerful team for the best interest of the elderly loved one should be ideal…but this is something not easily achieved. So what are some of the main reasons family members fight over caring for a senior loved one?

Different views upon care needs

Siblings, for example, might have different opinions regarding the care needs of their senior parent. One child might say that their father should stay at home, while the other might argue that their father requires immediate professional help and he should be in a professional caregiver setting.

Seniors refuse care

Nobody wants to give up their independence and it is difficult to accept that they need help. When a senior resists any type of care, the family should unite and take all the patience to help their elderly loved one take the right decision.

Only one child does all the hard work

When only one single family member takes care of an elderly loved one, sooner or later there might arise some conflicts. When the rest of the family members do not offer their help, the main caregiver might eventually struggle with caregiver burnout, stress and anxiety.

The main caregiver(child) will not involve the rest of the family members in decision making

It might easily happen that the main caregiver who performs all the caregiving tasks will not involve the rest of the family in the decision making process. This fact might bring along tension and unnecessary conflicts.

Caregiving & raising a family at the same time

Statistics show that caregivers are mainly women. These women want to perform their caregiving tasks but at the same time they need to focus on their own family life. They need to raise children, and take care of family tasks at home. At some point the caregiver might struggle with irritation and caregiver burnout symptoms.

Some other reasons that might raise such fights over the care of an elderly loved one also include the estate and inheritance issue, the need to care for both parents at the same time, balancing personal and caregiver life and many other.

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