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Fall Prevention in the Home

Monday, August 20, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 2.34.52 PMFalls can put elderly at risk of serious injuries. According to statistics in the healthcare field, at home falls represent the leading cause for both fatal and non-fatal injuries in people 65+ years of age. Head injuries, broken bones or fractures of the hip are only a few of the risks the elderly can face if a fall happens in their home. Here are some of the most important fall prevention steps you can take to help your elderly loved one avoid such risks

Front of the house

You should start with fall prevention measures right in the front of the home. Make sure to check out the front steps and perform any necessary repairs such as fixing uneven stairs, any possible cracks or wobbly steps to prevent the risk of falls. Also, you should ensure there is good lighting around the front door, and if needed you should install a grab bar along the steps to help the senior take the stairs safely and securely.

Changes in the kitchen to prevent falls

All the most commonly used items in the kitchen should be arranged to be within easy reach. For example, don’t keep plates and glasses on upper shelves. Move them on the lowest shelf, so that your elderly loved one will not have to use any chair and then lose their balance and slip/fall. Ensure there are no rugs available in the kitchen, as these scatter rugs can become a hazard for slipping and falling. Replace them with anti-slip mats and special rugs.

Safety on the stairs inside

Ensure the stairs are not cluttered with items. Keep the entire area free from items, and help seniors visualize the stairs better by using colorful tape along the edges of the stairs. Use the colorful strip not only on the top of the stair but also around the edges of the stairs to secure the tape perfectly.  If the stairs have only one row of the railing, you should get handrails on both sides. This will help the elderly stay balanced and feel more secure while using the stars.

Fall prevention in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the highest risk places for falls in the home. Make sure the shower or the tub has a high-quality anti-slip rubber mat. Next, you should install a grab bar at the tub, but also by the toilet to help seniors use these sanitary items with greater ease. Shower chairs and shower heads that can be handheld are also a few additions that will help to lower the risk of slip and falls in the bathroom.

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