Helping a Senior Build a Relationship with a Caregiver

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When a family makes the decision to have a caregiver come into a senior loved one’s home, it is important to establish a strong relationship between their senior loved one and the caregiver. After all, the two of them will be spending around the clock time with each other and the more comfortable they are with one another, the more pleasant the care and time spent will be.  Not only is it important for the senior to have a good relationship with the caregiver, but other family members involved with the care of their loved one should also establish a good relationship and line of communication with the caregiver.Caregiver

There are several things that family members must take into consideration and understand when choosing a caregiver. They must know there will be adjustments in the way a caregiver takes care of a senior versus how the family has handle this care in the past; it’s not that the caregiver is doing things wrong, but they might have a different way of going about the care than another family member would and that is okay.  A senior and their family members need to respect that a caregiver is qualified, experienced, and knows that the way they do something works in caring for a senior.

Family members, a senior, and the caregiver must all have an understanding of the expectations with care.  This keeps an open line of communication for anyone to discuss care and everyone should understand that these expectations can and will change as the needs of a senior change.  This is important in establishing a relationship between a caregiver and senior, as a senior should be comfortable discussing concerns or changes with a caregiver and a caregiver should be able to report any changes to family members and discuss the adjustments that need to be made.

A caregiver should understand the activities that a senior enjoys doing and be able to engage in these activities with them.  This could involve watching a favorite movie, cooking a family recipe together, doing daily exercise, playing a game, or sharing a hobby together.  No matter what the activity is, sharing these moments together will build trust and make the relationship between the senior and caregiver much stronger.

Family members should be encouraged to visit the senior’s home at any time to see how care is going, how their senior loved one is doing, and to see how a caregiver is maintaining the home and assisting with your aging family member.  This is important for the family member to establish trust in the caregiver and also gives an opportunity to have any important discussions with the caregiver.

Building a solid foundation and understanding with a caregiver is important for both the family members and their senior loved one. This will establish a good relationship among everyone and therefore, making it a positive and flourishing experience.

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