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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do you often feel frazzled by the end of the day? Are you balancing your caregiving responsibilities with bills, kids and managing your own household? Does it feel like you might be right on the verge of a meltdown?

Caring for others takes a lot of energy and thought. Sometimes you might forget to take care of yourself. If your health starts to decline, not only will you suffer but so will those who you are caring for. Reducing your stress levels whenever you can is critical to maintaining your health and a healthy state of mind as well. Take a nice deep breath, let it out slowly and then read the following simple stress reducers. It may surprise you just how effective they can be!

Caregivers in Jacksonville, FL1)     Have a good laugh! This helps by reducing stress hormones and also boosts your immune system. Your blood pressure can also take on a lower level. Put on a funny video or call a friend who is good at making you laugh. Try to laugh out loud – it’s so good for you! Did you know that if you laugh for one minute it’s the same as pedaling on an exercise bike for 15 minutes? That’s pretty impressive.

2)     Think positive thoughts. Words have such a strong influence over what we are thinking. Positive words in our mind make us feel happier and more positive. Don’t take on a defeatist attitude or think you are a failure. That only adds to the negative stress in your life. Learn how to say No and also learn how to say I’ll try. That way you aren’t adding too many extra things to your workload.

3)     Do something to beautify. Get a haircut, a pedicure or manicure. You will be surprised at what a positive boost of energy and feelings of well-being it will give you. Dress nicer even when you aren’t going anywhere special. The little bit extra time you give yourself will help you to feel less stress.

4)     Speak slower. Speaking more slowly than you usually do will help you to think out your words with a little more care and caution. When stress builds up its hard not to blurt out mean things you will regret later. Slower speech also makes you appear less anxious to others.

5)     Make healthy food choices. Make sure your diet is rich in plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Beans and whole grains round out your nutritional needs. You will need a high water intake and the fiber will help you feel full as well as help you stay regular. These healthy eating habits are great stress busters.

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