3 Key Tips for Choosing the Right Home Care Services

Monday, August 26, 2013

It’s growing late and you’re lying awake in bed trying to figure out how to care for your aging parent. They have reached a point where they can no longer care for themselves, at least not completely, in a safe and healthy manner, so you’re considering home care services.

Your loved one, likely a parent, deserves the best in home care possible, so how do you choose the right in home care provider? Below are three key tips to help you in this important decision making process.

Home Care Services in Ponte Vedra Beach, FLTip 1: Determine the Level of In Home Care Service Required

Every senior is different and their needs will vary from one person to the next. While your loved one may only require a few hours of assistance every day, another person might require around the clock care.

One of the most common mistakes is that we tend to over or underestimate the amount of care that is required. Not enough care and the elderly individual may end up in an unsafe situation despite our best efforts. Too much care and they could feel as though they’ve lost a significant portion of their freedom.

Balance the needs of the patient with your desires for peace of mind.

Tip 2: Home Health Care Services Are Not All the Same

Even though the term may sound all encompassing, some in home care service providers will offer various degrees of support, from nursing to cooking and cleaning and much more.

Choose the right level of care that your loved one will need. If he or she is fully capable of cooking and cleaning, taking care of himself or herself, but only requires some assistance with taking medication, for example, then you’ll want to find a provider that can meet those basic needs.

Tip 3: Ask Your Loved One’s Opinion

While you may be sitting up at night worrying about this important decision, don’t neglect your loved one and what he or she may want. While they may feel they are more than capable of taking care of themselves, you have seen signs that cause you concern.

It may be ideal to compromise at first and bring in home care services for an hour or two a day to start. Once your loved one sees what he or she will be getting, that may open the door to more care in the future, especially when it’s needed most.

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