After Congestive Heart Failure – Creating His Life Story

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When your aging loved one is at home recuperating from having congestive heart failure, he will need something to do to keep his mind active and give him a goal or purpose to look forward to every day. A great activity to occupy him during this time is to create his life story. He may need some help gathering supplies and tools he needs, and you can sit down with him and make goals of what he can accomplish. Of course, take into consideration he will need lots of rest and some days may be too tired to do anything.

Home Care in Jacksonville, FLTake little tiny steps and let him work away at it at his own pace so he doesn’t become frustrated. Once he gets started, he might find it’s actually a lot of fun. Here are some tips to getting his life story created:

  • If he would rather talk than write, get him the necessary recording tools, making it as simple as possible for him to turn on and off.
  • Make him a list of cues, so that if his mind keeps going blank, he can just pull one of these cues out of the jar and start talking about it. Most of them are questions. Tell him to just say whatever comes to mind when reading the cue. Here are some cue examples:
    • What was your first day at a new school like?
    • Who was your best childhood friend?
    • Did you enjoy horse riding in your youth?
    • What was the strangest mode of transportation you’ve used?
    • Was there a special family wedding you attended?
    • What was the first family funeral you attended?
    • Describe a particular disaster you experienced
    • What was your greatest moment of success?
    • What was your greatest tragedy?
    • Do you remember a frightening experience?
    • Was there a time that you felt rejected?
    • Describe the breakup of a friendship
    • Did you ever have a brush with death?
    • What was a vacation trip from your childhood?
    • Did you ever experience being lost?
    • Was there an event that made you change your mind about someone?
    • What was a memorable childhood vacation?
    • What was your first time away from home?

There are hundreds more writing cues or writing topic ideas available on the internet. These are very helpful to jog his memory and get him talking.

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