Hiring In Home Care Services for Seniors

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For many adult children, hiring senior care services is a stressful experience. Because this is not an everyday event, adult children tend to make many mistakes along the way. While there are many senior care services agencies that are safe to use, there are always people who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

Here are a few things you should NOT do when hiring senior care services for your loved one:

The first mistake that many adult children make is hiring a company too soon.

Many adult children looking for home care services rush to find a caregiver and very few good decisions have ever been made in a rush. In worst-case situations where you need to have home care as soon as possible, look into the Family Medical Leave Act so you can take some time to help get your elderly parents situated without the stress from rushing.

The second mistake usually is a result of mistake number one, hiring in a rush.

The next problem occurs when adult children quickly hire a home care agency without asking good questions, like whether or not the company provides back-up care. If an in-home care provider does not provide backup care, that means that you will most likely be the one providing senior care when your hired help is not available (which often means that your holidays will be spent at your elderly parent’s home).

Mistake number three occurs when senior care service agencies have a quick turnover.

Good senior care services will keep their employees happy by providing good benefits and reasonable pay. Many adult children who quickly try to find senior care for their parents look for something cheap and quick. This usually means that loved ones receiving the care will not have the same caregiver for very long. No senior adult want to have different caregivers every few weeks and no adult children want to keep meeting new caregivers and explaining the special situations over and over again.

Another common mistake is not working with local senior care referral services.

These service companies have already vetted out the companies that are not good and the companies that are favorites with local families. There are several companies online that provide authentic referrals, too. No matter where you turn for referrals, be sure that senior care services companies are not paying to have positive referrals. Non-profit referral services tend to be the best ones when looking for honest and accurate referrals.

When you learn from previous caregivers’ mistakes, it is much easier to avoid making them yourself. When you are on the hunt for senior home care, it is very important to remember that when you make a good decision, both you and your elderly relatives will have less stress in their lives and that is always a good thing.

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