Quality of Life Referral Services

It is never easy to watch as our loved ones become ill, forgetful, or depressed and disengaged from their lives. It is even worse when you live too far away to be able to help. We understand your concerns for their well being, safety, and health issues. Of critical importance is that your loved one feels connected, fulfilled and joyful. Quality of Life Services can be incorporated into each of our referral services to encourage activities that enhance your loved ones emotional, physical, and spiritual quality of life.

By including Quality of Life Services, the caregivers we refer are able to identify the reason they are not fulfilled or engaged in their life and recommend activities that would increase their engagement, fulfillment, sense of connection and joy. This might be as simple as including more time with their friends and family, going to church, or participating in activities like cooking or gardening. Every day, we celebrate the difference we make, by helping people find the right caregiver to bring joy back into the lives of our seniors. For more information about our quality of life care referral services in the Jacksonville and North Florida area, give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have.

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